My Story

I believe in the power of individual action to accelerate global change.

Climate change is complex to understand. The solutions are even harder to comprehend, with so much diversity and conflict over what we “should” and “should not” do.

I know two things for sure:

  1. We cannot wait to take action against climate change. 
  2. Each and every one of us has the power to create change.  

Through Clear the Air, I hope to provide clarity around the complex issue that is climate change. I seek to educate you about the environmental issues facing our planet, inspire you to take action, and mobilize you to do so, using real-world and relevant examples of how you can promote sustainability in your everyday life. Climate change may be a global challenge, but through the collective actions of individuals like you and I, we can create a sustainable future. 

This is me, Jenna.
Bee lover, Tree hugger, soil enthusiast.

I am a proud twenty-one-year-old (ugh, that hurts to say…I feel so old) Canadian in my fourth year of Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo, minoring in Geography and Environmental Management. My passion is to inspire and educate others about environmental issues, showing each and every person how one small action they take can truly change the world.

“Youth have the power to lead us towards a sustainable future. They have the creativity, open-mindedness and ambition to create change. All they need are the tools and teachings to unlock their full potential. That’s what Clear the Air aims to provide.”

Jenna Phillips

The more I learned in school and my personal ventures, the more I recognized that information about climate change is not accessible to youth. It’s presented using unclear language. It is not relevant to the everyday lives of youth in the 21st century; and the solutions proposed are not set in a realistic timeline.

In order to address today’s pressing problems, everyone needs to know about them in order to help create change. That’s why Clear the Air has transformed into an educational outlet to share my learnings, encourage readers like you to live a sustainable lifestyle and to help make the world a better, greener place.

When I’m not dancing, doing yoga, or researching the latest environmental initiatives, I can be found curled up with a cup of tea and a book, painting with watercolours or crocheting. I can also be commonly found in the kitchen, dishing up new creations without a recipe because things always somehow turn out better when I improvise (mainly because I always forget ingredients when following recipes anyway).

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Let's change the world together...

Changing the world is a group effort. I would love to collaborate with you to create this change.