Episode 29: Creating Change Through Your Voice with Michelle Angkasa

Michelle Angkasa is a second year Environment and Business student at the University of Waterloo who spends her time as a residence don (AKA the designated mom of 30 students), climate justice organizer, writer, mentor, and creator of baked goods. She loves intersectional environmentalism, political advocacy, and youth engagement. In this episode, Michelle and I explore ways to use your voice as a young person to create broader change.

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Clear the Air seeks to educate, empower and mobilize youth to take action against climate change. These weekly episodes will focus on a specific theme, teaching you how to take action RIGHT NOW in your own life. By listening to the podcast, you will become a sustainability expert in no time.

Jenna Phillips is the podcast host, a passionate university student, and a local climate action leader. She uses her expertise and desire for change to make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s time to Clear the Air of all this confusion about climate change. It’s time to learn how we, the youth climate leaders of today, can make a change. It’s time to take our future into our own hands.

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